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At Racks Direct LLC, we strive to offer you modern warehouse solutions for efficient storage for your business to make it run smoothly. Our team includes one of the industry’s top racking professionals, highly qualified and trained to handle your warehouse projects with optimum care from beginning to end. We are here to manage all your racking needs timely and safe.

At Racks Direct LLC; we offer you the most efficient pallet racking & installation system to increase your warehouse’s storage capacity and ensure your business runs smoothly. Our team is dedicated to working closely with your business’ staff to provide your facility with the right system.


We all know what lockers are used for. They can help optimize your storage facility and provide a more organized space to store your products. Racks Direct LLC offers easy and efficient locker installation services for your warehouse facility to ensure the safety of your products.


Shelving is another great solution to improve storage at your facility. There is a wide range of shelving equipment with different materials you can choose from. The professionals at Racks Direct LLC can guide you with finding the right shelving and assist you through the installation.


Discover the joy of a clutter-free and organized garage with Racks Direct. Elevate your residential storage game with our custom commercial-grade racking and shop benches. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward transforming your garage into a functional masterpiece.

Warehouse relocation

Looking for help in relocating your warehouse facility? Well, look nowhere else. At Racks Direct LLC, you can get easy warehouse relocation services to guide you through your big move. We can guide and assist you through everything from planning the logistics to relocating and installation.

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